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Michael McCormick is an award-winning New York-based creative director and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in the editorial magazine world. He has held every art department position from Intern to Creative Director at a variety of regional and national magazines, where he has been recognized for his work by The American Society of Magazine Editors, The Society of Publication Designers and The City and Regional Magazine Association. 

Having always subscribed to the concept that no job is too big or too small, Michael has found himself on hilltops at dawn making wedding ceremonies; at the beach photographing fashion models in hurricanes; building sets out of seamless paper, fabric, rocks, blocks, insulation and champagne glasses; lying in coffins (don't ask); and standing in for test shots for football and baseball players, mascots, singers, nuns, chefs, cheerleaders, mayors, Carrie Bradshaw and yes, even Rocky Balboa.

The main goal of any project Michael works on or any brand he works for is to amplify the vision of his colleagues. He is most at home surrounded by people who love what they do and are looking to bring their concept to life—and he enjoys being the person to connect the dots and produce the work. So, in any new opportunity he seeks, the goal is to be engaged and excited about the product, whatever that might be. 

Michael lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with his husband Aaron, his collection of cake stands, antique door plates and books organized by color and their not-as-adoable-as-she-looks pup, Bea. 

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